A network built for bankers

The True Digital Network is built exclusively for bankers to connect around a whole range of topics like vendors, technology, lending, associations, and more.

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A feature-rich network built for the love of banking

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A network for bankers

Connect with your peers via our messaging feature to converse, share, learn, and collaborate — be it about vendors, technology your FIs are building, or just to connect!

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Discover vendors

Search by category or the goal your financial institution aims to achieve. Whether you’re seeking insights or just don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered!

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Bank-built technology

Connect members gain exclusive access to preview and get involved with innovative bank-built technology that solves real FI problems!

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Check compatibility

Assess whether a vendor product is a good fit based on key technological factors like core, online banking provider, loan origination system, and other critical systems.

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Review and streamline

A categorized view of the vendors your financial institution currently uses helps you identify redundancies and opportunities to consolidate and reduce costs and dependencies.

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Monitor products of interest

Your team members can monitor (aka: bookmark, save, flag, track) products that may benefit your organization — to share with your team, track, or easily find later.

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Leverage a network of bankers

Understand and identify potential risk by connecting with bankers at financial institutions with first-hand experience using the vendors and products your FI is curious about.

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Due diligence

Quickly gain visibility into a vendor’s risk profile by reviewing their answers to our Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) and view other critical vendor documents.

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Buy and sell loans

Save time and money and broaden your network reach by posting your loans for sale (or buying loans) for a low annual subscription fee that could pay for itself closing one deal!

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Bank associations

Connect with bankers via message boards, resource pages, and event listings to collaborate and distribute information more effectively with your association members.

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A give-to-get network

Each of our verified financial institution members securely shares the technology they use and relevant information like their core, regulators, and size.

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Invite your whole team!

Network membership is accessible to financial institutions of any size, with unlimited seats per account. Invite all your team to benefit from the insights and connections.

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