Built by bankers

Banks and credit unions are building innovative technology in-house that solve problems shared by FIs everywhere. We believe the best technology isn’t built by fintechs or Silicon Valley startups, but by bankers — the people with the experience and knowledge to build solutions that cut to the core of the problem. This innovation inspired us to build True Digital Showcase.

A low risk, low cost, 3-step process

Market validation

We review the technology, refine the idea, and create marketing materials that capture its essence. We then capture market interest through our vast, nationwide network of banks and credit unions, and facilitate demos and conversations with potential partners, from bankers to collaborators to investors.

Go-to-market plan

If the technology proves to have significant market interest, we create a detailed assessment of what’s needed to refactor and deploy the existing technology as an enterprise solution. We develop a personnel plan to operate as an independent business. And we develop pricing and financial models.

Structure to commercialize

With the technology and team in place, we lead a venture financing round, eliminating the need for the team to spend weeks or months pitching investors. A complete financial model is built and financing is secured from the True Digital Venture Fund to bring the new company to financial sustainability.

A preview of technology built-by-bankers
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Monetize your innovation!

If you’re a financial institution that has invested in creating your own in-house technology, we’d love to work with you to explore whether there’s an opportunity to monetize it through validation from other bankers. Reach out below!

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