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Together, we’re igniting collaboration to transform the relationship bankers have with technology and to uncover the power, knowledge, and innovation that already exists in financial institutions across the country.

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  • Discover real technology solutions built by bankers.
  • Commercialize the technology and innovation you’ve built.
  • Harness the power of innovation.
  • Low risk, low cost 3-step process.
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“Once I saw what they had built, I knew it made sense for FirstBank and almost every bank in the country. True Digital is unique in what I’ve seen in the business model, approach, and product itself in how it can significantly help banks add new capabilities and save time and money through a better approach for banks to work with vendors.”

— James Reuter, CEO & President, FirstBank

“Being able to navigate the world of technology vendors in a manner native to bankers makes all the difference. Finally we are able to get the most important and actionable information we need up-front.”

— Kyle Mooney, CIO, Midland States Bank

“Without a tool like True Digital, 98% of the vendors we talk to are not actual candidates we can move forward with. Now we can stop wasting so much effort and energy.”

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